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Photo Best Pics. Tee shirts Custom Made by Johnny , Printed front and back with your favourite Best Pics  ( please summit High resolution pictures of good quality , Johnny is not a Magician ) 

We use Pima Peruvian Cotton for these keepsakes of yours. $40.00 US Currency only,  printed front and back (page size print front and back , larger printing no problen but cost more as displayed ) , no charge set up custom wording and extra design of your tee shirt no extra charge.  Freight , Taxes, Custom fees if any are extra cost.  But with this quality at these prices  who cares ?   Email to place your order,

Vancouver Golf Shirts, Bamboo T - Shirts, Vancouver T- Shirts.  Single color, Custom Logo silk screen printed Tee shirts from /  Better than reasonable pricing (with 72 T shirt order / taxes & freight extra). Min. order expected.  Might do extra color no charge,  inquire: No charge set-up.


Artistic 2 tee shirt illustration for multiple purposes.  Graphic image on front illustrating Canadian artistic distress leaf design, with our web advertising. Humorist slogan observation on back. Overall great promo idea to promote your company or website. How?
  We just change your logo or web address to front part of tee shirt. For info on pricing email:   

Better than reasonable pricing
Vancouver Golf Shirts, Bamboo T - Shirts, Vancouver T- Shirts.
Better than reasonable pricing

Good example of Distress Printed design for tee
Vancouver Golf Shirts, Bamboo T - Shirts, Vancouver T- Shirts. / Better than reasonable pricing

 Tee Shirts printed properly if done right take time to output a nice Tee shirt design and tee shirt.  Tee shirt designed is everything in the tee shirt printing process. It ensures the highest quality custom tee shirt printing which is our standard. The person that designs the Tee shirt should also know the Silkscreen Printing Process  for Dark and Light Tee shirts so he can make the art easy for the printer to print on a Tee shirts Press. ( tee shirt press is a machine for silkscreen printing on T-Shirts). If all this is not done properly your job becomes Tee shirt Hell. Thats why our work comes out so nice as we can help you with that perfect Tee Shirt Design idea onto the color and type of Brand Name  Tee shirts you want. Whatever your ideas are tee shirt birdy, tee shirt quilts, tee shirt chords, tee shirt dress, tee shirt lyrics for shirts, tee shirt birdy, or just plain old pounding out promo Tee shirts we can help.

Good sample of printed hoodie about $24.00
75 cotton / 25 poly super hoodie

To buy custom printed tee shirts with no charge set-up @ wholesale tee shirt finished prices go to:   For All in Pricing

Example idea for single custom Tee shirt purchase
Vancouver Golf Shirts, Bamboo T - Shirts, Vancouver T- Shirts.
Send us your own ideas for your custom tee shirt and we will make it look pretty like this one.

From as Little as $12.00 per shirt Purchass click
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New way to logo tee shirts / click here

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for pricing with logo

sapgetti stap tee-shirt / with logo great price
highest quality custom t-shirt printing

Make your own Labled Custom design Hoodies


Vapour all Printed shirts not as much asyou think
Vapour Dry Shirts for: SOCCER, TRACK, ALL SPORTS / Email for pricing



front and back sample tee shirt / no charge setup

Sports grey most popularm / volume order ask price
Gildan hoodies
$20.00 each hoodie with left chest logo / min order 12 shirts.

Email for  promote your company on line.