New Banner Art

60 ft Lawn Banner $480.00 /taxes /freight extra

Johnny sells Custom lawn Banners 60 ft. = $480.00
15 oz. Lawn Banner only $480.00 plus taxes and freight.
15 oz. heavy duty. Freight and taxes are extra . see eg. above

8 ft. x 2 ft Scrim Banner, free delivery in Tsawwassen & Ladner  Only $64.00 see above and below for details. Taxes are extra. Send Your ideas to Johnny / He will make you a Banner for only $8.00 a running Ft. No Charge set-up for your Logo.

12ft. x 2 ft 12 FT. Banner like Bob's Below / Scrim Banner, free delivery in Tsawwassen & Ladner  Only $96.00 see above and below for details. Taxes are extra. Send Your ideas to Johnny / He will make you a Banner for only $8.00 running a Ft. No Charge set-up for your Logo.

Art work for 12 ft Banner / we don't sell Tarps
This Sale won't last long 50% off tarp sale / Limited time offer. Go see Home Hardware TWAS.

Finished Banner see Johnny's work above for Banner
Go See South Delta HomeHardware for this Limited time Banner Deal . Wow 50% off.

Finished Banner see Johnny's work above for Banner
Go See South Delta HomeHardware for this Limited time Banner Deal . Wow 50% off.

Original artwork for Banner Below

Finished Banner
Go see HomeHardware in south Delta Great Service Limited time sale

QuickMount Hood Signs By Johnny

HoodMountSign.jpg   Sadley this is not Johnny's Truck.

Go See Brown Brothers Ford, Tell them Johnny sent you......

Attention Realistate Agents try out a QuickMount
Brings attention to Event ideas that sell. Keep bottom of Mounts Clean & Protected.

Hi Johnny
We would like to thank-you for the wonderful banners you made us for Customer Appreciation Day. They were nice, bright and bold!!
Thanks again, 
Home Hardware Building Centre-Tsawwassen
1140 56th st.                          
Delta, B.C.
V4L 2A3                                              Store # 5711-2


Example of Street sign art work ot for sale

Actual Sign made by Johnny

Roof top signage Call Johnny / final signage may be retangular in shape

Chung's Finished street signs made by Johnny
Go see Chung's Fish & Chips in Ladner . Great Food

Quick Mount Car System sign-age. Gives you the ability to project your ideas powerfully anywhere on your car lot. Because they are a new concept they attract attentions more than just window signs. With the help of your ideas they do help you sell cars. We Classified them as a sleeping salesman waiting on roof tops to sell cars. These are meant as short term Event signs, not permanent signs. Don't drive with them on roof, keep bottom of modules clean, never place down in the dirt. When not in use put back in supplied  bubble rap

For Info on cost of sign and QuickMount sign clamps  (SLEEPING SALES MAN), size of sign all other info ask for quote to, Please send all info of what you want on sign. As usual no charge set-up

Deposit $100.00 for street sign, Balance will be paid on deliver. Special Price ($250.00 total sign Plus Taxes, - minus Deposit $100.00 = Balance $180.00) .Terms once sign completed no returns. Your sign will be composed of from bottom / sign board /  printed sysnthetic paper Japan Grade. / & heavy waterproof Laminate on top. Board & Printing all done in Canada / USA Paper. For Samples pictures see below. Please keep in mind that your monitor displays pictures and graphics brighter and maybe slightly different tone of color that can be achieved on final sign print. Prefect colors and brightness to monitor are not possible, especially at prices we charge. Regular price $450.00    

Another Johnny Event Sign / no charge set-up
Go See Jodi get in shape / you will be happy!

Create Positive Attitude (CPA)

All Photos taken on site by Johnny in the Kitchen.

Artwork for event sign. The most expensive part of
a great sign is the artwork or setup. No charge set-up here, This was made from a simple text call.

Finished Sign on the Job.
Finished Sign on the Job / not the best picture but gives the concept.

Artwork & layout for event sign
Walk In text 5 inches high

Totally reusable for many Events
Even Sign
New Event stick on cost $30.00 per side, includes Art . Taxes / Freight cost more

Artwork for event sign
Artwork for event sign. No charge set -up

$150.00 for A type sign includes art

Another eg. of Event A sign helping customer
A type event sign
You missed it. maybe next year ? 604 324 4644 / click on sign above for more info.

Good Day please check-out easy to custom, easy to place new promotional ideas on Promo Sandwich Sign $150.00 comes complete sign and 2 sides printed with your promo event. When you want to change a custom promotion you just remove the advertising sheets you buy off Johnny and place a new one . ( size 2 ft x 3 ft = $40.00 no set-up charge , full color., weather resistant ) . Each Sandwich A type sign holds 2 custom signs you buy off Johnny. Easy to remove and easy to put new ones. see more info of cost here for Sanwich sign (See Picture above)

Deluxe Durable  A Type Event Sign , includes printing on both sides 2 ft x 3 ft art work signs sheets , standing sign, shipping and taxes. thanks Johnny Why pay more? Visable Quality.  No charge for Sign Sheets set-up.  { after you puchass, send all info & ideas for your new Event sign to Johnny  to } taxes and freight are extra.

Email:  Printed full color Banners from $4.00 a square ft. ( min. order to get this price 15 ft. Banner ( 2 ft wide x 15 ft. long ) = $120.00 plus taxes, you install. No charge set -up, Banner supplied ready to be installed by you at your expense. Freight extra. Johnny does Promos for events like below, Johnny also has a professional event planner {Natalie*** certified BCIT trained, Associate Certificate in public relations and Market Management} to send to your sight to discuss your next big event. She is qualified to make that next event perfect. ( cost only $75.00 per hour + traveling cost per hour ) this is great Value and she can put you onto right track to having a better event, than if you just tried it yourself. Johnny has event packages on tee shirts and sign-age. call Johnny now. .  Step 1. Give yourself lots of time , Think of theme for event. Step 2. Email us all your details. We will do the rest.

What Johnny does, He sends out emails like below and does this massive website (over 82,000 hits this year so far)

Good Day,.....Have a game changer in car sale signs. Have not seen this anywhere in Lower-Mainland car lots. Removable, changeable and just plane cool, Car roof top "QuickMount" Signage system.  Email back for more info. Sea Side Promotions is first to promote this idea here in western Canada. We are the leader innovation of new ideas for Dealership signage, Uniforms ( eg. sell Nike golf shirts , Knight’s corner fine dress shirts, Dealership safety Jackets, and distributor of Stormteck Jackets to car firms for 30 years.) West Coast Distributor for QuickMount sign mount systems. For lowest price call Johnny (only price) Artwork for event signs below are a no charge item. The most expensive part of a great sign is the artwork. Most of the time all I get is just a simple short text message and I put the rest together with 30 years of graphic power. Don't pay more for simple signs (from those other guys), let Johnny do them right my signs literally pay for themselves. More bang for your buck.  

thanks, Johnny ,

Adhesive Synthetic Paper: We print Synthetic Paper, then just peel away backing and stick it onto flat surfaces. More durable indoors , but good for out doors for short periods 2 Months or more. Rain resistant.

Johnny's Idea, Don't use parts without Johnny's
Written Permision. P.S. You won't get it.. Johnny

Not for sale Event sign

Designer Artwork for Event Sign
Art work charged as a no set-up charge with purchass of sign. Customer loved the sign

What Great Event, Organized and promoted By Natalie (Manageress / Professional event planner) of  the Skyhawk Restaurant Boundary Bay Airport (Great food and Service, for reservations phone Natalie 778 434 1238,  Natalie managed to have information about this great event in both Delta Papers. This was literally a sold out event. ***** Randy is an amazingly Funny Comic Psychic, He calls them Tricks and slight of hand, but Johnny was there and he knows how he really does it (I'm not telling). Johnny was honored to do a few posters for this event as displayed on this site see more info below about sign-age and posters. For that next successful event call ( ? I can't find the number, i'll just ask Randy )

Fuel Stick all natural green fuel enhancing product, promotes fuel savings, makes your vechical go zip zip. Johnny uses it and sells it. Works for me.

Got Call from Barry on Jan. 2 , Needed some urgent bumper size stickers, for a snow board and car truck bumpers. Johnny deliver to their door a few hours later the sticker sheet shown. Barry is a great person to talk to, very polite and smart, Johnny recommends their team for any JUNK you want moved. Call 604 505 Junk today for that Junk the Delta City does not want to move.

Buy 1 custom sheet of  Adhesive Synthetic Paper  3 ft. x 2 ft. printed in full colour (top Quality brand), set-up cost extra $25.00 (unless you buy 5 units / No Charge setup) taxes /freight are extra after you pay Pay Pal contact Johnny { shipping address and other info needed}.

Hi Matt here's some info about the signage and pricing:
Suggest the: Adhesive Synthetic Paper Pay Now $100.00, no charge setup,  each section is about 4 feet long , you get 5 sections all copies of each other. On each 4 ft. section we put multiple sizes of your logo, or all the same size, like my car sticker logo signs. Then you just cut them out and start sticking  your logo to proper things. Taxes / freight extra
thanks, Johnny  604 603 4662

 Adhesive Synthetic Paper: We print Synthetic Paper, then just peel away backing and stick it onto flat surfaces. More durable indoors , but good for out doors for short periods. Rain resistant.
I have this wonderful product and it goes over big with the tweaker, Its called Synthetic Paper. I print it for you, it comes in sheets 2 feet wide and as long as you like. Once printed it becomes element proof for about 2 weeks ( I leave it on my car for weeks and only when it gets very faded, I remove it with no damage to paint job and apply a new sticker I will call them. So this product is completely prepositional and you can tweak the angle many times till either you are happy or it falls apart. Me I just put it on and walk away to next project. 1 ft in length is really 1x2 ft square, so you could get 2 --- 12 inch square signs out of 1 foot. You could stick these onto just about anything: eg. street poles , cars, windows, corrugated plastic signboard. To remove, just peal slowly off. Some people just leave as all info will just keep fading away and paper will eventual wear off. But of course I do not condone this as this would be environmentally not friendly and Golf Shirt Group has always been a leader in saving the environment.  Anyway this great product cost (1x2 ft square) $5.00 a ft. ( if I put 2 signs , 1 ft square each) in the 1 ft. then each sign cost you only $2.50 each. per sign or just take 1 big sign as long as you want @ $5.00 a ft. So how much does $100.00 get me?  Answer: For 100 dollars you get 20 feet long strip and 2 feet wide, you cut them out by hand, so probably square advertisements would be best as they are easier for you to cut. As a suggest on yours I would start with your button art work on left hand side and website on right and maybe a slogan under it. Thanks,Johnny
From Cal: hey Johnny what's best way to cut this paper?  Answer: Goto Canadian Tire (great store) buy a pair on new big sissors (under $10.00 ) , open scissors blades and hold open while pulling paper Thur open end of scissors. Just aim scissors where you want them to go as you pull synthetic paper. Pretty simple you will catch on fast. Then just stick it to most flat surfaces;
 Example CorePlast plastic board, white board is best.  forward: Lay coreplast on clean floor as coreplast is static magnetic.
Might be good idea to wipe coreplast down first as dust from store and cutting leave fine film on core plast, with a damp cloth wroung out good you don't even need to mist core plast just lay Adhesive backing of Synthetic Paper sign on top moist coreplast gently , then smooth gently out from centre with edges of dry hands.
Application> horizontal signs: take good very fine mister bottle (cost about $10.00 garden shop type) of water and spray very fine mist onto whitecoreplast ( then Dry Hands), after peeling off backing of sticker, hold big sticker in two hands , one at each end, rest middle of curved centre of sticker on middle centre of horizontal white corePlast and with gentle motion from centre move edges of dry hands across sticker face to outside edge of sticker , try not to stick down at this point but just place sticker lightly into position. once you have positioned correctly, then move edged of dry hands more firmly (med. pressure) across face of sticker again towards out side edge. Does not at any time nee heavy pressure, No squeege as it will damage Paper and Printing. Roller might work but not tried yet. 
Application> Vertical attaching stickers. Mist surface lightly, Dry Hands then stick one edge of sticker to vertical surface, with dry hands, One hand pulls backing off sticker with other hand glide gently across sticker, to just position it. When you have it the way you want it dry around edges with cloth, then with other dry cloth glide more firmly over top of sticker.

Create Your own Custom Made Buttons
Cal's Election Button
Create your own Custom Made Buttons

Create your own 100 custom buttons, no Charge set-up. Taxes / freight extra. Email: Johnny after you pay Pay Pal and leave all info address, phone , what you want on button. Thanks, Johnny 

Create your own 1000 custom buttons, no Charge set-up. Taxes / freight extra. Email: Johnny after you pay Pay Pal and leave all info address, phone , what you want on button. Thanks, Johnny 

Create your own 2000 custom buttons, no Charge set-up. Taxes / freight extra. Email: Johnny after you pay Pay Pal and leave all info address, phone , what you want on button. Thanks, Johnny 

Send out good Vibes
Good will Badges
The best part is your website goes on bottom

Custom Umbrellas imprinted
Custom Umbrellas imprinted
Min. order does apply Custom Colours Ok.

Custom Umbrellas imprinted
Custom Umbrellas imprinted

$10.85 with logo / taxes / freight extra.
Golf Towels could be the secret to get the birdies you want
Min. Order 50 towels taxes , freight extra

Email: for pricing
Nike Umbrella $40.00  Nike Balls printed $4.00 each , min. 300 balls  Great Nike promo gifts, Nike says it best.
Email: for pricing

Display Stand for Banner $110.00 , Banner extra
 Display stand, Call Johnny
About 5 to 6 foot long Banner Stand

"Private Sale Car Event" 18 Feet**** x 2 ft. Banner our most popular ****Out Door Temporary Vinyl Banner Sign-age $4.00 a Ft.****  Or indoor permanent full colour sign.  this is printed cost for med. density ink use. $20.00 setup. Also $10.00 handling charge for putting in groments in corners. Indoor hang length or out door we put in necessary holes with metal eye-rings. freight \ taxes extra
VANCOUVER Tee-Shirts / Screen Printing / Custom Tee Shirts/ Tees Shirts / Digital T Shirt Printing Call John (888) 913-8696

Out Door Temporary Banner Signage $5.00 a Ft.****
Add $10.00 for end Brackets. Out Door Temporary Vinyl  Banner Signage $5.00 a Ft.**** Each Foot is 2 feet wide, this is printed cost for med. density ink use. $20.00 setup
Out Door Temporary Banner Signage $5.00 a Ft.**** Each Foot is 2 feet wide,

This waterproof self-adhesive polypropylene media offers the high strength and resistance to be used for signs, window signs, or to be pasted to any surface such us boards, magnetic media, glass and similar types of surfaces, with excellent coating for a high quality output. Adhesive polypropylene film is ideal to use outdoor and indoor with long term durability. By using pigmented uv inks, the polypropylene adhesive film provides the strength and durability of an outdoor vinyl at a significantly lower adhesive material price. Highly tear-resistant and water-resistant. Cold Lamination Film is not needed but can be used if higher level of protection is desired: email for more info: 

Johnny Distributes QuickMount (SLEEPING SALES MAN)
Really locks down good on GIass.