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Sadley I am disappointed  in this global warming, It seems to me to be getting colder instead of warmer, which would explain all the low golf shirt sales, which cost me money. I am beginnig to think it was though up  to charge Carbon Taxes and Carbon licences. Even if they charge these carbon taxes or licences to the companies that supply you the product, they pass it back to you to pay as a end user, so this becomes a hidden tax.  Johnny  wake-up demand to see their Raw Climate Data, with the names and address of those who claim it.They'll never give it.

Custom Bags   customBag2.jpg  14 inches wide  x 16 inches high,  some custom colors possible.   10 mil thick strong. ( Food Bag , Small gym Bag ) .  For more info on Reusable Custom Bags email:  Made from 100% recycled poly.  ,  $2.60 CND.  per bag / min. order 1000 Bags / Taxes , freight are extra, Canada shipping only .  Deposit required ( 60-90 day lead time / No set-up charge ) .  to place your order  email 


Custom Printed with your Logo Tote Bag 100% Polyester / We also print Grocery Recycle Bags " design colors of Bags " email:   


  Johnny doesn't  believe in Climate Change /  However he does believe that a lot of people are making good wages off the promotion of Climate Change.   

Fuel Stick ( Very green fuel additive, made from palm extract I 've been told. Works for me! I put it in my old caddy about 176k on engine and it now runs smooth and stronger, just 2 sticks per fill-up, I get better gas -mileage and less repairs.) thanks, Johnny All natural green fuel enhancing product, promotes fuel savings     

Johnny promotes environment friendly products
see below for pricing fuel sticks
see below for pricing fuel sticks Good Day here's a good idea. Lets bring the Americans to us. First Print what every amount of money you need to print. Lets build our own refinery this side of the border. Fill our gas station with cheap gas and watch them USA hurry up and come over here and spend their money on this side of the border for a change. Wow why have none of you rocket scientist in the news thought this one up. Then their would be no need to ship Oil South. With cheap gas we would sell more cars and the economy would boom again @ 50 cent a litre Life would be better. Instead you crank up this old stuff keep the price high, when will people wake up and realize the are being, well you know. Johnny

Johnny has a plan to solve Canada's oil pipe line glut. ( I am tired about hearing the pipe lines are too full, I have simple solution )

Here's a great idea, I don't know why no one has thought of it before, Just get all parts of the oil process on board to sell gasoline cheaper at the pump. Turn Alberta oil into gas here, not in the States and sell it at gas stations on the Canadian side of the border and Americans will flock here for a change to by gas. Simple idea might just work. Even if just for 160 days just to run out some of the glut. Or are the powers to be too greedy?
Here's the Plan:
1. Sooner or later they will have so much oil they will not know what to do with it.  Now that they have made this monster they must sell oil.  So the reasoning goes you dump a little now so you don't sink the ship and maybe another bit later.2. The oil companies need a reason for this; they just can't do it for any reason.

Here's the reason: Customer satisfaction month & help the economy of Canada. Give the country a boost when times are tough, help out the little guy.

Here's the Benefit. (employ people here) What should happen: Oil companies will be a hero and empty some of those pipe lines, they will sell product now @ a higher price than later at a lower price. The price is coming down whether they like it or not. Better to do it now and be a good guy and go to bed knowing you helped Canadians when they need help.




Bean Counters are put on notice : Johnny is going to tell you about Bean counters, I have seen lots of business been put out of business by bean counters. Bean counters have no creativity could not sell a bean. All they know is to cut. Well, Johnny wants to grow business not cut business. Let Johnny give you growing ideas instead of cutting ideas. 1st step, well, you decide what to do with the Bean Cutters.

Canadian Customers: Johnny always tells you the problems up front, the problem is shipping goods to you. The fact is it cost as much to ship our smallest box to you as our biggest box of fuel sticks. So here's the deal buy a dozen regular dress shirts or golf shirts or Jackets off Johnny at regular price and Johnny will give you a package of 30 fuel sticks to try free with your garment order from . All product information and terms are handled by , I have tried this product out and it works for me, I am giving you a 1 time free limited time offer (all onuses upon yourself) bonus chance to do the same and see if it works for you. If you are completely Happy after you have gone through your free box of 30 fuel  sticks from Johnny and 100% satisfied with all aspects of the fuel stick product. Only then will Johnny sell the 10 pack big box or 10 small boxes of 30 fuel sticks each, enough to treat 600 litres of fuel & give you free shipping in his distributor area. Call for prices on this big box 1 (888) 913-8696 Johnny.

FuelSticklogo.jpgfuel stick hats as per picture $12.00 / min. order 24 hats, has your website custom on back.


Authorized logoed fuel stick hats
Authorized  logoed fuel stick hats

Also sell low cost imports, white only, no pockets , thin material for about 1/2 the above deluxe price, but much reduced quality as compared to Deluxe Lab Coat. thanks, Johnny

Authorized Fuel Stick Uniforms sold here.
All items come with Fuel Stick Logo
Lab coats $50.00

FuelSticklogo.jpgCustom fuel stick bags $1.40 each / min. order 1000 bags

Ordering email:

Lunch Bag $1.45 / min order 1000 bags
Recycle type Lunch Bag  60 to 90  days leed  time
Includes 1 colour Print / 1 location

Lunch Bag $1.25 / min order 1000 bags
Lunch Bag $1.25 / min order 1000 bags  leed time 60 to 90 days
Includes 1 colour Print / 1 location

$1.40 recyle bag, W8 + 6 x H9.5 + 6
Recyle Bag,  intermediate size W8 + 6 x H9.5 + 6 / Phone Johnny (888) 913-8696
Min. Order 1000 bags. Includes 1 colour Print / 1 location  promote your company on line.