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 GBrand Names like Nike Golf Shirts | Okley Golf Polos | StormTech Jackets | Stormtech Golf Shirts ... Free Custom Door Service in Vancouver lower mainland. / Home of  NO charge set-up.  Golf Shirt Group sells many High End Brand Name,  one of a kind quality products. The item or items you want may be sold out because of high demand or limited stock on high end quality items .  Please check with us first ( ) for availability of product before purchase.

Renewing Your Uniforms:
It's time to give your uniform wardrobe a makeover with our apparel and accessories. You have the best selection of Nike™ merchandise, embroidered with your personal logo. Get the best selection of business casual apparel around. Renewing your business uniforms with trendy clothes and accessories has never been so easy.
With years of experience in silk screening and logo embroidery, we are your logo experts. From graphic digitalization to embroidery, we are here to make sure you succeed in business. 
Our Mission:
Our one goal is to leverage our expertise on your behalf, so you always get the most bang for your buck. We work tirelessly so you stand apart from your competitors, and shine as the true professionals you are. Your business success is our top priority.
Contact us to learn more about our custom shirts for your complete business makeover. Info: 
Terms: No returns possible on Embroidered Goods / All goods are inspected before they are free freight shipped to you. If you wish to return unembroidered goods ( all goods on this website are the very highest in quality) in new condition you pay the return freight. Email for authorization # to: / Logos for embroidery will be done in simple line art fashion no 3d effects possible or foto effects and not to exceed 5000 stitch count. / By sending us the Logo you take all responsibility for any copy right infringments if their are any. ***( don't send us logos unless you are the keeper of it or own it or get permission to use it.)
By sending us your logo you allow us to to show our artistic rendering ouput of your logo in our web advertising,  to show our  talents and quality of work we did for you at no charge  to the world .  We are Artist and want to show our art.

Your logo & Copy Rights :

Terms:  By sending us a logo, you are authorizing us to put it on Garments for you or your club.  becomes your contractor  to print the logo for you.  We assume that you have taken all necessary steps to get proper permission and rights to duplicate  the said logo on garments and transfer those rights to us for the purpose of printing it on garments for you or your club, or if the the logo is legally yours and you have rights to print it then no problem,  Just send it.  Also in case of legal dispute over use of logo or logo not be done as owner of  logo requires,  you the assigner or person in charge take full responsibility for this or other problems and guaranty to Save  or other contractors we may use to dulicate your logo for you  harmless from any legal dispute over logo use ( also 3rd party protection if necessary ) or total cost of this dispute and or monetary  fines .  ( you get to see a sample before we do the print the run. )

By sending us your logo you allow us to use it in our advertisings to display our skills as a logo printer only, not for resale. 

Stock issues:
Rarely stock may run out or next order of stock soon arriving . Logos take time to make so please be patience. We will send Graphic proof when your digitized sample is ready. ( process takes 3 to 4 days to make up new logo ). What happens When we cannot supply your purchassed item as no stock on hand. 1: You Wait for back order, 2: Take subsitute ( same item different color or other item worth more ), 3:Stock: Please check with us for stock availability first before ordering, as some items our suppliers may be out of stock or discontinued without our knowledge or sold out waiting for a new shipment. Have a nice day!
Policy Rush Delivery: WE treat all companies with equal status and we are 1 of the fastest producers on the planet as long as we can physically get stock to produce your order: WE do not offer guarantied delivery by certain date for extra cost rush service as we view this as a scam. Instead we due our very best for you as humanely possible which is experience and keeping things ready we have save customers many dollars from add on fees. IN the world we live in to date no one can 100% guaranty anything and all those guaranties you get when you go to the store result in extra product cost to you.
Includes Free logo stuff means   free logo (left chest logo not to exceed 8000 stitch count or extra surcharge) 
   The item or items you want may be sold out because of high demand or limited stock on high end quality items .  Please check with us first ( ) for availability of product before purchase. All items include your logo, no set-up charges, includes taxes and freight or just say  All in Price.
Colors :  Sorry we do not offer Pantone  color reproduction of threads or ink but use closest match to what we have in stock.  We have found over the years  you the customer  are most likely to not pay for custom pantone colors  technology  as custom colors are quite expensive.  Some thread colors are not even possible.  But if you really want them and money is no problem lets talk. 

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